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our pic(K)s – 12

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Twins-I our pic(K)s - 12
Joe Henson, Twins I, 2005, courtesy of the artist
056FED7C-03D0-4D87-9885-3D6709022301 our pic(K)s - 12
Mohmmad Khaksar Madani alias Mr. khaksar, Monica, 2016, courtesy of the artist
555 our pic(K)s - 12
Maria Spyropoulou, Untitled, 2017, courtesy of the artist
33584605230_1f11af0904_k our pic(K)s - 12
Reinier Snijders, Monday morning mood, Toronto, 2017, courtesy of the artist
portrait-de-Richard our pic(K)s - 12
Christophe Negrel, Portrait de Richard, 2015, courtesy of the artist
Roman-charity our pic(K)s - 12
Mohammad Khaksar Madani, Monica, 2016, courtesy for the artist
8web our pic(K)s - 12
Efi Gousi, Comme une Tourterelle, 2017, courtesy for the artist
since-the-dawn-of-time-men-always-liked-to-compare-their-weapons our pic(K)s - 12
Polod, Since the dawn of time, men always liked to compare their weapons, 2017, courtesy of the artist
Sine-Zaani-on-Muharram-1200X800 our pic(K)s - 12
Debarshi Mukherjee, Sine Zaani on Muharram, 2017, courtesy fot the artist

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